Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sitting on Your Mouse in the Blackmar-Diemer

Years ago when I got my first copy of Fritz I enjoyed playing a few blitz games online by day and letting Fritz check them for blunders by night. Of course blunders (and overlooked combinations) are usually plentiful on both sides of the board. To minimize rash moves, Bobby Fischer once advised sitting on one's hands. For online play I updated that to sitting on one's mouse, and now and then I printed "mouse-sitting" positions for analysis in BDG World. Here's such a game where I was jerked around unmercifully, but still had a win at the end, which I might have found if I'd just had a few seconds to sit on my mouse. The best move is not that hard to find, but there are a few interesting variations. Pos1
After 28...Kh8. White to move and mate. See the game here.