Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another photo quiz

Recently I posted a photo of the contestants taken during the game Motta-Greer from the 1988 Montana Open and asked readers to identify the move pending on the board. Among the first to correctly do so were Günter Brunold, Richard Westbrook, and Matt Lasley. The clock in that photo indicates Black is on the move. Black’s queen is clearly on f7  and is only there for one move during the game. The answer then is that it is Black’s move after 21.e6.

Now, a new photograph, a somewhat different quiz. I’ll give you the move number: the gentleman on the left raises his hand after having played his 12th move. You tell me the players, the event, the date. Here’s the photo, generously provided by Günter Brunold and used with his permission.

Did I make it too easy?