Thursday, April 19, 2012

You call it madness...

My buddy Peter Atzerpay, WKPI,SACP (well-known private investigator and strong amateur chessplayer) called me earlier tonight. "What do you call this," he said. He was in his cups, I think. "Call what," I said. "Call this," he said, and he began to spit out the moves of a game.

"I'd call that the Elephant Gambit," I said, after pushing out a few moves.

"Not Queen's pawn counter gambit?" Pete said.

"An Elephant," I said.

"Not Mittelgambit im Nachzug?" Pete said.

"An Elephant," I said.

"Not a ...," Pete started.

"An Elephant," I said.

"I call it madness," Pete said.

Who am I to argue.