Monday, May 7, 2012

I never said it was easy

I didn't promise you a rose garden. Diemer said the BDG would make a new man of you, put hair on your chest, whatever. I'm not sure what he thought it would do for female chess players. Anyway, the BDG really doesn't win every time. We're adults here. I can say that.

Here's the latest example, straight from today's TWIC. Diemer used to call this variation with 5...Bf5 the Tartakower Defense. He loved to attach GM names to BDG defenses, even when the connections were somewhat tenuous. And I love Tartakower, one of my favorite GMs. But Gunderam did a lot of grunt work on the Bf5 lines, and really deserves the credit, for what it's worth. He was a thorn in Diemer's side, or perhaps some other anatomical spot, until the end. God bless them both, and this wonderful, foolish game we call chess.