Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kokholm Coldcocks Kallenbach in Copenhagen

Sorry about that title. Couldn't help myself. This game is so fresh there are no fruit flies yet. I found it in yesterday's TWIC. What a great resource that is. I tip my hat to Mark Crowther every Monday night, even when there are no BDGs in his presentation of the week's games.

This is a BDG with 5...c6, know in the BDG world as the Ziegler Defense, only because a fellow by that name lost a poorly played game with it to Diemer, who promptly attached his name to it. As Scheerer mentions in his introduction to this variation in his book, it would better be called the Gunderam Defense, considering all the work Gunderam did on it. But Gunderam's name is already attached to the 5...Bf5 defense, so we'll just leave things the way we found them.

Anyway, 5...c6 is really a very flexible answer to the BDG, and Black reserves numerous options while waiting to see how White is going to develop. Consequently, positions found in the Ziegler can also arise out of the other main BDG defenses, especially the Teichmann and the Euwe, and of course, the Gunderam.