Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Swamped in Sweden: The Vienna Defense

Today we have a brutal little BDG played last week at the Deltalift Open in Tylösand, Sweden. I did not know this place, so I looked it up. According to that most reliable of sources, Wikipedia, "Tylösand is famous for its 7 km long sand beach, its golf courses and 'Hotel Tylösand', a hotel owned by Roxette star Per Gessle and Björn Nordstrand. Tylösand earlier mostly consisted of small summer houses but is nowadays considered to be an expensive area, where the rich and famous have built luxury villas..."

I like beaches, have lived alongside a couple of them, one with a lovely view of the South China Sea, and in fact I live across the road from one now. Our beach has more than seven kilometers of bright white sand. Rich and famous and luxury villas, not so much.

Still, the thought of winning a Blackmar-Diemer in such a pleasant setting is, well, heartwarming.